Joy Lights

Joy Lights
Joy Lights Cat Reference Rated Wattage Color Temp. Lumen Dimension Technical Specifications
Size Height
AMGEN LED make Back Lite Led JOY
LIGHTS, suitable for Cansole box
mounting application with internal
aluminum heat sink, square shaped
ALE03-JYC-P6 6W 3000K-6500K 600 114 83 PF>0.9
MALT : Alluminium Die
Casting with PC Diffuser
IP Level : IP 20
Colour : CW, NW & WW
VOLTAGE: 200-240V
ALE03-JYS-P6 6W 3000K-6500K 600 114 83
ALE03-JY-P6RBG 6W RGB 600 114 183